Estamos colaborando con una empresa de USA, que busca incorporar FINANCIAL ENGINEER/DATA ANALYST/PROGRAMMER PYTHON.

Looking for a financial engineer/data analyst/programmer for the operations team of Silicon Valley-based hedge fund. A successful candidate will be a core contributor to managing our data assets and develop our proprietary software infrastructure for data in-sourcing, trading, reconciliation, modeling, and reporting.

Technical Skills:

  • Expertise in Python for back-end automation, data processing, and modeling.
  • Advanced knowledge of Python Pandas, Numpy, and other Python libraries.
  • Familiar with Jupyter Notebooks.
  • Experience writing complex SQL queries and with MySQL databases.
  • Knowledge of web application front end and UI design.
  • Knowledge of state-of-the-art data visualization tools desired.
  • Some knowledge and background with Excel VBA is desirable.
  • Keen ability to reason about the correctness of software.
  • Background in quantitative finance, such as statistics and machine learning, is highly desirable.
  • Must have strong ability to acquire new skills, work independently, and pay close attention to detail.


  • Build and enhance trading automation system (order management system)
  • Data extraction from spreadsheet, CSV, or via API
  • Data asset management and data integrity maintenance
  • Enhances to web application
  • Upgrade / re-train machine learning system
  • Maintain day-to-day scripts and ensure they run properly

Ultimate Deliverables:

  • Cleaned and characterized data
  • Programs that can automate our operations, mainly streamlining trading and reconciliation

Time Expectations:

  • Full time role: 8 hours PT working hours (flexible to EST time)


  • Remote is OK (US or Latam)

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